about mindinmotion

mindinmotion.cc is a record label originating from the beautiful "Sauerland" area in Germany. Although the Sauerland's people are not exactly known for international endeavours and open-mindedness, one particular Sauerlandarian decided to put up a label.

mim productions are mainly vocal and progressive trance. Currently, the label exclusively distributes Alexander Ewering's productions under his project names NaturalBornChiller and instinctive, however, we might open our doors to other talented producers some day!

So, that's it. Why don't you go get some of our releases? 


contacting us

You can send us an email anytime. The address is info, followed by the @ sign, followed by mim.cc. (we put it like this to keep spam bots from harvesting the address. We also used to offer a contact form on this website, however, the beaurocratic overhead of operating a contact form due to EU laws is now beyond our budget).

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